On January 21, 2016, our Team invited a junior FLL (First Lego League) team named “Neon Nerds” to present their project on ocean pollution. The Neon Nerds comprise four elementary school students (ages 10-11) who compete at local robotics tournaments.

Neon Nerds came up with a solution on how to protect the ocean from discarded plastics. They presented their research, ideas and the solution to our Team. Our Team asked questions and made valuable suggestions for improvement. Neon Nerds also took a tour to learn about our Team project, how it is being designed and developed, and asked questions about the software program used to design the robot. They later interacted with one of the robots to better understand its functions.

This was a great experience for the Neon Nerds to present to a large audience, get feedback and suggestions, and learn about more advanced robotics projects. It was also a great experience for our Team to show support for a junior team, and help them develop their skills!