Reach Level 2 habitat

Pick up hatches from the loading zone

Place hatches in all locations

Will not drop a hatch

West Coast Drive

Chain Driven

30" x 29.5"

Lowrider Legs
- Level 2 Habitat

2 speed options
- Torque and Speed

1:625 gear ratio

Virtual 4 bar

2 775 pro motors

35H chain

Reach all 3 levels

Drop off a hatch on both sides without having to turn

full range of playable motion

One pneumatic in the center of a 2x2 1/8” aluminum box tubing with a 1 1/2” cylinder that actuated 4 fins to securely grab and deliver hatches

Deliver to all levels of hatch deliveries

Written in Java

Command based

LimeLight for vision tracking

LEDs for decoration